Ancillary Capabilities

This page documents capabilities that I bring to your projects, but that are not the main focus. These capabilities generally involve communications, such as writing, speaking, and web development.


I bring capable and fluent writing skills to your project. This is invaluable when documenting the product to end users, or writing specifications. I enjoy the writing process, and sometimes do it just for fun, such as in this theater review of "You Can't Take it With You", or this news piece on the American College Theater Festival.

More often, my writing documents projects upon which I am working. As an undergraduate, I wrote some analysis code for an ultrasound research project, and later documented the project in the school's engineering journal. The article is called "Ultrasound Destroys Cancerous Tumors" and is attached here as a pdf. Page 1 of the article is attached here as a gif for easy viewing.

I managed the development of, and wrote large portions of, a substantial user's manual for a spacecraft computer emulator. My original, small involvement in the project grew into a central role when it became obvious that documenting this complex emulator required someone who was familiar with the technology as well as being skilled at writing.



Presentations to customers and investors are a fact of life. I have developed skill at this task through my work with Toasmasters (CTM-certified, club president), and many years of teaching on the collegiate level.

I have made dozens of presentations to customers, executive management, and investors in support of numerous projects. Some, notably those supporting an internal research and development program at Sperry, have resulted in substantial additional support from our military customer.

My audiences have also included one of the most challenging groups: high school students. As a volunteer business consultant with Junior Achievement, I taught an Applied Economics course at a local high school with much success. Read a letter of appreciation from JA here.

Web Development

The world wide web has become the default communication mode in the corporate world, so mastery of it is essential. I am fully capable in HTML and JavaScript, and can use these skills in support of your projects.


I am a professor of Electronics Engineering Technology at Mesa Community College. I have taught most of the EET curriculum, including the following courses:

Digital Data Communications
Microprocessor Applications
Microprocessor Concepts
Linear Solid-State Devices
Computer Programming for Technology
Digital Logic and Circuits
Solid-State Devices
DC Circuit Analysis
College Algebra
Applications of Statistical Quality Control