I have completed projects for the clients listed below under various contractual arrangements including fixed price and hourly, both independent ("1099") and W2, as well as direct employment. See the Projects page for technical information on the projects.

Arizona State University East, MicroElectronics Teaching Factory - Grant #DUE-0202444 funded by the National Science Foundation.

Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC) - Grant #DUE/ATE 0302523 funded by the National Science Foundation.

Guided Therapy Systems - a developer of medical diagnostic ultrasound systems located in Mesa, Arizona.

Intel, Fab 12 - a semiconductor manufacturer located in Chandler, Arizona.

Kurta - digitizing tablet manufacturer, now a division of Mutoh Corporation.

Harrel, Inc. - a manufacturer of sophisticated control systems for the plastics industry, located in Norwalk, Connecticut. Two of their popular products are the CP-641 and the CP-671 DigiPanels.

Honeywell Satellite Systems - (formerly Sperry Space Systems) - a manufacturer of space-based computers and control systems located in Glendale, Arizona.

Mesa Community College - a two-year college located in Mesa, Arizona.

Glendale Community College - a two-year college in Glendale, Arizona (volunteer).

University of Pennsylvania - a major researchuniversity located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Junior Achievement - volunteer business consultant.