Recent Conferences

Microchip Technology, Inc., MASTERS 2005 Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, July 20-23, 2005. Covers the latest developments in Microchip products, and design and development techniques with PIC microcontrollers. (Third year of attendance.)

SAME-TEC 2005, Semiconductors, Automated Manufacturing, Electronics–Training and Education Conference. San Jose, California, July 25-28, 2005. Presented National Science Foundation (NSF) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) laboratory.

Microchip Technology, Inc., MASTERS 2003 Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, July, 2003. (Second year of attendance.)

Microchip Technology, Inc., MASTERS 2002 Conference, Phoenix, Arizona, July 24-27, 2002.

Intel Corporation, PC Architecture Conference, Hillsboro, Oregon, June 25-28, 2002.

Texas Instruments, TMS320C5402DSK Workshop, Phoenix, Arizona, May 2000. Covered the TI TMS320C5000 DSP architecture, Code Composer Studio and C Compiler, and DSP/BIOS.



Registered Professional Engineer (Electrical).

Secret clearance (inactive).

Amateur radio: KC7AKT.

Toastmasters: CTM.



University of Pennsylvania, Moore School of Electrical Engineering, B.S.E.E.

University of Bridgeport, graduate courses in Optimal Control Theory, Adaptive Signal Processing, and Nonlinear Control Systems.

Arizona State University, School of Business, M.B.A.