Facilities/Development Platforms


Microchip dsPIC 28-pin Demo Board. Contains a dsPIC30F2010 digital signal controller.








Microchip ICD2 (In Circuit Debugger) with a PicDem2+ Demo Board.









Microchip Full-Speed USB Evaluation Board.









Embedded Pentium/QNX RTOS development board.









Microchip PicKit1 low cost demo board.






Early (1994) Pic Programmer. (Superceded by newer programmers and the Microchip ICD2)






Atmel EB40A ARM7 TDMI Development Board. Supports AT91R40008 processor.







Motorola 56F000 development board:









Texas Instruments TMS320C5402 DSK Digital Signal Processor board:








Motorola Nitron Demo Board.








2.5 MHz Z-80 CP/M system with 64 kB DRAM! (c. 1982). (Historical Interest Only!)









Xilinx Spartan 3 Development Board.









Microchip ICD (Classic) Demo Board.